Preventing prescription drugs from getting into the wrong hands will help fight the Opioid Epidemic at the very onset of the problem. Our mission at Vaultz for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention is to get locking medicine cases into thousands of family homes across the country. There is a great deal of community awareness about the Opioid abuse problem, but what about a preventative solution?

We want to get community members directly involved in fighting the Opioid Epidemic, and work with organizations to create a "movement" beyond just an "idea". A locking medicine case is a tangible item that a community member can hold in their own two hands. This has the power to inflict force of habit and true, measurable change. 68% of people who abused prescription painkillers got them from a friend or relative. It's time to reverse societal behavior and lock up prescription medications.

Together, we can fight this statistic by helping families LOCK IT UP!.